Buddhist Knowledge

The page shares Buddhist knowledge from basic to advanced for your reference and understanding of this compassionate and wisdom religion. Buddhism is a major religion in the world and is being followed by more and more people. At its core, Buddhist teachings offer a profound understanding of man, of life, and of the true nature of existence. Basic concepts such as suffering, impermanence or the path to enlightenment called the Noble Eightfold Path can all be clearly verified through personal experience.

LotusBuddhas believes that with the Buddhist knowledge shared on the website, you can learn to transform yourself and understand the world around you. The beauty of Buddhism is not just learning; it’s about experience. It is a journey that takes you deep within yourself, allowing you to discover your true self. The transformative power of Buddhism is something everyone can benefit from, regardless of your beliefs.

What is Karma of Speech in Buddhism

In Buddhism, speech is one of the heavy karmas that ordinary people suffer. It leads to extremely serious consequences, which…